Why Choose Us?

We at WEEE Recycle 4U Ltd offer complete, safe and secure electrical electronic equipment recycling solutions for a wide range of equipment. 

The supplies that we take on include printers, computers, laptops, phones, servers and much more. Our main goal is to offer complete electrical electronic waste disposal in an environmentally-friendly manner.

About Us

Natural Resources

Electronics are made up of aluminium and copper, materials that can be reused infinitely.

Data Disposal

We offer proper e-waste data removal services prior to the destruction of any devices to avoid data theft.


When recycling electronics, we are utilising resources that would otherwise need to be mined for.

Business Cost

Recycling reduces costs as companies are incentivised to recycle e-waste instead of dumping it.

Eco-Friendly Credentials

Increasing your eco-friendly credentials as a company will show commitment to environmental issues.

Increases Affordability

Recycling makes limited materials easier to get, cheaper to buy and more affordable to produce.

We Recycled 10,124 Tons Of Material To Date